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Multi-purpose Telescopic Extendable Shelf

Rs.4,000.00 PKR
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Product Description

This ingeniously designed shelf means you can take advantage of all the space available in your wardrobe, larder, closet or store cupboard, without having to drill holes in the wall!
It’s adjustable in width from 61.5 – 105.5 cm, and fits snugly into place. Use it in your garage, cellar or anywhere you need extra space! Robust and stable, the shelf is made in metal and ABS.

• Can be flexibly stretched between two walls or cupboard sides without screwing or drilling
• Extendable from 70 to 120 cm
• For all conventional cupboard sizes
• Load-bearing capacity up to 10 kg
• Dimensions (W x D): 70-120 x 23.5 cm