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Anti-Slip Protection Mat Felt

Rs.2,025.00 PKR Rs.2,250.00 PKR


  • 72x54cm

Anti-slip ideal for all cabinets and drawers: the soft non-slip felt mat. The practical mat for drawers, placed as a cover in the kitchen cabinets, ensures the stability of glasses, pots and crockery. Everything can be stored safely and functionally.
The special coating of the lower part makes the drawer coating particularly slip resistant.
In addition, the mat has a noise-absorbing effect.
This felt protection is also ideally suited as a cover for jewelery and jewelry boxes, remote controls or tools.
The interiors of cabinets and utensils will be reliably protected from unsightly scratches.
The anti-slip mat can be cut to any length and width, and with its very fashionable anthracite look, it puts elegant accents in any cabinet drawer.
The cover for drawers is equipped with a grid pattern on the back, so that it is extremely easy to cut to the desired size.