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Rs.6,050.00 PKR



    • DIA 28CM,


    • HEIGHT 6.4CM,




    • Ergonomic handle with soft touch finishing

Pietra Lavica(Italian Cookware)

Fat free / oil-free cooking. Ideal for healthy dishes.

The high thickness of the aluminum allows a perfect heat distribution during the cooking. The ergonomic soft handle ensure a safe and comfortable grip. The polished CD bottom is ideal for every kind of cook hob (induction excluded) and makes the product non-slip and extremely reliable. Finally, thanks to the forged body, Pietra Lavica oers tough and aesthetically pleasant shapes.


    • MagmaTech non-stick coating, black version, enhanced with silver mineral micas

    • High thickness of the aluminium body, for a uniform heat distribution

    • Polished CD bottom, makes the product non-slip and extremely reliable

    • Easy Cleaning outer coating

    • Ergonomic handle with soft finishing, for a safe and comfortable grip

MAGMA-TECH non-stick coating: hardness and durability over time

MAGMA-TECH non-stick coating, applied in 5 layers, is designed to offer the maximum wear and scratch resistance; the mineral particles that are added to the coating constitute a real barrier that protects the coating itself even when using metal kitchen tools. A coating that, such as the stone, is able to guarantee the maximum resistance and stable performance over time.

A water based coating reinforced with mineral particles that guarantees:

    • Long life

    • Perfect and healthy cooking

    • Non-sticking surface, metal tools proof

    • Dishwasher safe

    • Cooking surface easy to clean

    • Suitability in case of allergy to heavy metals and nickel

    • PFOA - free

    • Made in Italy