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Spray and clean.

The Smart spray mop system is all you need to clean your floors. It makes mopping floors a breeze. It is quick and easy to use. Sparkling results – no lint or streaks. Just spray and clean. Use it here: It works great on all kinds of floors, and will leave your hardwood or tile floor shiny and clean. The mop pad has a special microfiber inlay for ultimate absorption.

How to use:Remove the container for liquid and add water and/or your favourite floor cleaner; re-connect the container to the handle. Press the trigger to produce a fine cleaning mist, and then run the mop system over the floor for a perfect shine. No buckets or aching backs. The ultra microfiber mop pad will remove dried-in dirt, stains and dust in a swipe. Run the mop over the surface to clean and banish dust and allergens; no soggy floors, no mixing of solutions or bothering with buckets – quick and easy.

Note: Rinse the nozzle/sprayer with hot water from time to time to prevent the spray nozzle from getting clogged.

Technical specifications: 500 ml bottle. Mop textile of ultra microfiber with double microfiber inlay.

Handle: 120 cm, floor base: 40 cm. High-quality sprayer nozzle.

  • All you need to clean your floors – quickly and effectively

  • Sparkling results – no lint or streaks

  • Perfect for: hardwood, laminate, tile, marble and linoleum floors

  • Removable container for liquid, easy to fill