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Fathers Day

Best Gift Guide for Father's Day 2021

Father’s Day 2021 is just around the corner, coming on the 20th June. Like all special days, we’ll help you in making this day a memorable one by pitching you some amazing Father’s Day gift ideas. This Father's Day celebration, surprise your dad’s by gifting them some amazing gifts that you think he would love and appreciate.

Fathers Day

  1. Wuzu Foot Washer
  2. Tool Set Kit
  3. Glass Ashtray
  4. Kit Urban Food Lunch Bag
  5. Ladder
  6. Bath Support Bar
  7. Vacuum Flask
  8. Bathroom Cabinets

Wuzu Foot Washer

Wuzu Foot Washer

One of the best Father's Day gifts you can give you dad is the wuzu foot washer. With age comes some tiredness and lack of physicality, which is quite understandable. But you can definitely help your dad complete his ablution with the wuzu foot washer. All he has to do is place his foot inside the foot washer, and with minimal water wastage and maximum coverage he can have his feet washed.

It's us young and energetic one’s that might not need this product, but for the golden generation this is something he would truly appreciate.

Tool Set Kit

Tool Set Kit

Guys from the 60’s or 70’s were all used to fixing their own household issues, needed a new light bulb? Call dad, fix a broken sink? Call dad, or did you have plumbing problems again dads came to the rescue. It’s only us who are used to calling the electrician or the plumber on every small problem. A complete toolkit set with almost every type of screw driver and plier, measuring tape, wrenches, hammer and various other tools is surely something that will revive your old man’s handyman genes. The Tool kit has a total of 76 items, each placed perfectly in their specific grooves designed for them and the box closes tightly to prevent any clatter and tools falling over each other.

This toolkit is one of the best gifts for fathers. Something that he would use on the regular, and something that he might also use to keep himself busy even.

Glass Ashtray


Though Smoking is an unfavorable habit, yet there is something so charming about a middle-aged dad lighting one up. It seems like they do deserve that nicotine punch. A wee little thing that relaxes them and gives them the much-needed peace of mind. So why not aid a little sin for the greater good. This Father’s Day in Pakistan gift your dad a glass ashtray, he could use in his room or office, and if you're feeling a bit courageous gift him a pack of smokes of his preferred brand as well.

Kit Urban Food Lunch Bag

Kit Urban Lunch Bag

If your father takes his lunch from home to his office, then trusts us; gifting him a complete lunchbox is one of the best ways to make him happy. The brown urban food lunchbox by Tatay comes with 3 lunchboxes inside a thermally insulated bag. The lunchboxes differ in their sizes, one is a 3 litre container, one is half a litre and the last one is 0.2 litre container. All containers are microwave safe and he can easily heat his lunch in the box in the microwave without a second of worry. The Microwave waves will not harm the box or the food.

The bag has enough space to also chuck in some fruits in there, and also has two handles; one is small and one is large if he wants to hang it over the shoulder.



We’re just steps away from Father's Day. JBSaeed Studio presents you, yet another promising idea, to get your dad back in the zone. Now us millennials might not know how to fix some electrical wiring gone awry, but our dads probably have a clue. A ladder/stool is one of the most important items to have in your home. This ladder is perfect for domestic usage as the steps are made out of steel that have a non-slip rubber covering on them. The ladder also has a patented safety block to prevent accidental closure, and stabilizes angularly. So as long as someone is up on the ladder, they aint falling down.

Bath Support Bar

Bath Support Bar

If your father is ill, is in his latter stages of life, or has movement restricting issues, then he must surely need support in the restroom as well. JBSaeed Studio presents an amazing gift idea for Father's Day; a bath support bar which has the capacity to support up to 150 Kg’s. The support bar can be placed either near the shower area or the commode. The bathroom support bar is also foldable, and folds up vertically if you want more height or reach when standing up. The bar moreover has a sleek design that can blend well with any bathroom design plus is made out of metal and aluminum ensuring you of its sturdiness.

Vacuum Flask

Vacuum Flask

Another incredible father’s day gift idea is to gift him a vacuum thermos flask. Like all office goers, we’re sure your dad loves to drink tea or coffee all the time. A vacuum flask which has a 100% stainless steel exterior, one which is impact resistant and keeps hot stuff hot, and cold stuff cold for up to 10 whole hours.   

Bathroom Cabinets

Bathroom Cabinet

Now it may not seem like a good choice but let us explain it. All dads have at least a beard trimming/pruning kit, some also dye their hair to look and feel a little younger. Dyeing hair, trimming or shaving beard, getting ready for the office all need a mirror and they all need space to stack up these useful accessories.

JBSaeed brings you a cabinet that has a clear mirror in the front, and that mirror also acts a cabinet door to the shelve behind it.  The cabinet is perfect if space is a problem as it's a compact organizer. The item comes fully assembled, so all you or your dad has to do is to install it with the quick and easy installation guide.

The 2nd cabinet is a simple and a sleek lockable bathroom cabinet that is made out of stainless steel. The cabinet comes with a secured lock and a key set. The cabinet is the ideal choice for your dad to secure his private things and medicines as well.


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