Hardware by JBSaeed Studio

JBSaeed Studio Residential and Commercial Hardware Items

JBSaeed Studio started off as a hardware store, and we have a long history of being the premier suppliers for all residential and commercial hardware items since 1933. We deliver just about every functional item that your house needs, and make sure that the products you are buying are worth their price and deliver sound value.

Furniture Handles & Knobs

Plain furniture is too boring and makes the room look very bland and basic. What your furniture pieces need are knobs and handles to make them stand out and add a touch of cuteness or elegance to your room aesthetics. JB Saeed studio brings to you a variety of furniture knobs and drawer handles to make your dream rooms turn into reality. We have a huge collection of doorknobs and furniture knobs and handles available in many different colors and designs.

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Kitchen & Wardrobe Hardware

We offer a range of kitchen and wardrobe hardware. Some of the items we have on offer are hinges and locks. Hinges are an essential for doors. The hinges we offer are innovative, reliable, and long-lasting. They are made from the best quality and have clever mounting and adjustment capabilities. They are easy to fit and place as well. Some hinges we offer are slide on, while others are full overlay. The drawer locks are easy to place and use. They are made from the best quality and are strong and durable. Other products in this range include plate rack with drain tray, wardrobe slide out revolving mirror and magic corner.

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Glass Hardware

We offer a range of glass hardware for your home. The products we have on offer include floor springs, glass hinges, and pull handles. Floor springs are made from the best quality that are suitable for timber, metal, and glass doors. The glass hinges are either glass to glass or wall to glass hinges. They are durable and ensure secure holding. The pull handles come in many shapes and sizes. We have an original, cranked, c shaped, and square pull handle. These are made from stainless steel material and perfectly complement your doors.

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Door Handles

Door Handles

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Main Door Handle

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Pull Handle

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Door Closer

JBSaeed Studio Door Closer

We offer unique and efficient kinds of door closers. These door closers are a low cost solution for your standard doors. They are inexpensive yet are greatly reliable. They are also quick, efficient, and easy to install. They come in the colors of brown, gold, and silver. Moreover, our multi-stop display is an efficient solution for slamming windows or doors. It is used as a doorstep, a buffer between doorknob and wall, and can hold titled windows open. This product is one of a kind and has multi purposes all in one.

Panic Latch & Bar

JBSaeed Studio Panic Latch & Bar

We have a range of panic latch and bar. They are suitable for doors that are 2200mm tall and 1440mm wide. These are highly functional panic latches and provide the utmost elegance. They also have an anti-thrust mechanism to protect against attacks. They come in in a silver or SS finish. They are also suitable without any alteration for left- or right-hand applications.

Door Locks

Digital Lock

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Knob Locks & Padlocks

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Mortise Locks & Cylinders

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JB Saeed Studio Hinges Collections

While we are committed to providing customers with all sorts of necessary Hardware, being a one-stop solution, we also bring to you the ever-lasting category of Door Hinges. Being a crucial accessory of every door, hinges do not need to be boring. While each accessory adds personality, the quality of hinges speaks their own story. Our collection includes many types of hinges, door hinges, heavy door hinges, etc.

JBSaeed Studio Tower Bolts

We offer different kinds of tower bolts. These are perfect to use for construction work and are mostly used in the construction industry. They are made from the best quality and have been carefully manufactured with a standardized process. We have different sized tower bolts with different purposes. Many of them also have a different finish and type from which you can choose from.

About JB Saeed Studio

JB Saeed Studio is the premier online home store in Pakistan. We have been meticulously serving our clientele since 1933 and God willing will continue to do so with ever improving standards of service and care. JB Saeed Home & Hardware solutions since 1933.

Digital Safe

JBSaeed Studio Digital Safes Collection

JBSaeed Studio believes in providing you some of the best security solutions in the market, and we do that by sourcing some of the best safes and safety lockers in the world and bring them to you. Now it may not feel like it, but the safe’s that JBSaeed offers are a total steal. No pun intended!

JB Saeed Studio Drawer Slide and Runners


Door Knocker

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Door Stopper

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Repairing Tool

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JBSaeed Studio Stools and Ladders

Our range of stools and ladders is very unique and elegant. We offer folding 2 and 3-step ladder along with a domestic ladder and a flared base ladder. The flared ladders come in 12 or 8 steps and are made from aluminum. Whereas the domestic ladder has steel steps that are covered in non-slip rubber. They are patented safety block against accidental closure. The 2 and 2 step ladders provide easy access to get carry your ladders around and get your work done all while being efficient and safe. We offer a unique styled barstool that can easily be placed in any room. It is comfortable to sit on and has 2 designs available. It will amp up your room’s style and add to the room’s elegance.