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The Best Tools for Your Home Tool Kit

by Ali Kushtiwala 08 Feb 2022 0 comments
The Best Tools for Your Home Tool Kit

Nothing kills your energy while working more than having to stop and run to the nearby store to get a tool you don’t have. Not having the basic tools with you can add hours to an otherwise straightforward task. Having the right tools in hand not only eases the burden and the unnecessary cost of hiring someone to do the job for you but also saves you from borrowing from your neighbors every time you need them. JB Saeed Studio offers a wide variety of tools every household inevitably needs. Mentioned below are some of these essentials you cannot miss out.

  • Screwdriver
  • Drill Machine
  • Pliers Set
  • Measuring Tapes
  • Glue Gun
  • Toolbox
  • Ratchets

The Best Tools for Your Home Tool Kit

1. Screwdriver:

From the basic function of insertion and removal of screws to something as complex as fixing your broken appliances or even for the maintenance of your motorcycle, screwdrivers always come in handy. We, at JB Saeed studio offer a massive range of screwdrivers collection ranging from sets to individually packed screwdrivers used for specific purposes. Our screwdriver set comprising of 8 tools in 1 pack has been a lifesaver for every purchaser. This remarkable set consists of different sized and shaped screwdrivers used the most in every household.


2. Drill Machine:

Drill machines are an essential tool to have at home, especially for Pakistani DIYers. Its always a better idea to do small home organizing tasks yourself rather than hiring a team to do it for you. Along with many other home tool essentials, drill machines have a magnificent importance of their own. JB Saeed studio is your one-stop solution, offering drill machines of every kind. Our cordless drills are the ideal choice to add to your home tool kit. Our massive drill machine collection will make you want to try each kind.

Drill Machine

3. Pliers Set:

Need something to twist, turn, grip and pull? Pliers to the rescue. From cutting and shaping wires to removing nails and gripping bolt, a simple plier can act as a lifesaver for every DIY enthusiast. JB Saeed studio’s vast collection of pliers, which come in different sized sets made out of stainless carbon steel, are every DIYer’s best friends.

Plier Set

4. Measuring Tapes:

Eyeballing measurement days are over. Measuring tapes are essential for day-to-day household activities like finding the exact center for a wall hanging or making sure the new couch you’re about to order online doesn’t cover the light switch or the bookshelf on the wall. JB Saeed studio is the right store for finding high quality tapes that give extra durability and life.

Measuring Tapes

5. Glue Gun:

Have you ever wondered about all the cool things you can do with a hot glue gun? They’re every DIYers favorite tool. From designing quick earing backs and non-slip hangers to resizing rings or doing some minor repairs, glue guns have gained popularity overtime. Shop your favorite DIY tool, glue gun, at JB Saeed studio for an exceptional experience.

Glue Gun

6. Toolbox:

Organization is the key. Keep your DIY essentials in one place with the use of a good quality toolbox. JB Saeed studio’s toolbox collection has an opulence of it’s own. These toolboxes come in different sizes, each catering to a different need.


7. Ratchets:

A DIY enthusiast doing repairs around the house or on your car is most likely to require a ratchet. The Ratchet Handle Set available at JB Saeed studio is the most famous choice. Our 25 pcs Ratchet acts as a rock-solid hand tool. The 130 mm long orange handle features a comfortable non-slip texture best for routine use.


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