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From Spain. Family Company founded in Barcelona in the 30's as producer of metal alloy bijouterie. In the 40's, integrated the pressing procedure. Through the 50's, adapted the thermoplastic injection and extrusion procedure. These days, it stays as a Family Company, managed by the second generation, but fully professionalized. Buy Tatay household and bathroom products in Pakistan exclusively at JB Saeed Studio. Click here for TATAY Collection


From Germany. With a sound intuition for better ideas for the family, the essential inventiveness and entrepreneurial passion, the founders, Wietze Wenselaar and his wife, Maria Köllner started off by marketing the initial metallised ironing board cover in Germany. Throughout that time this was a complete novelty and formed the basis for the subsequent business achievement of the family company, whose name “WENKO” originated from the combination of the founders’ names, Wenselaar and Koellner. Buy Wenko Hosehold and bathroom products in Pakistan exclusively at JB Saeed Studio. Click here for WENKO Collection


From Italy. Since 1985, the company is a reference point in the production of aluminum cookware with non-stick coating. Product caliber and careful investment in technological innovations have ensured a growing tendency and authoritative presence internationally. Buy Flonal Cookware products in Pakistan exclusively at JB Saeed Studio.Click here for FLONAL Collection


From Italy. A world of passion, elegance, and imagination. Based in the heart of Brescia, In the North of Italy, we're an Italian firm that designs and produces door handles. They believe a handle must stand out as a symbol of sophistication 
That fits your taste and your house décor, giving it a distinctive final touch. Their designs change in style; out of simple and minimalistic, to iconic classics, all the way to design models, and futuristic designs. Buy Oro & Oro handles in Pakistan exclusively at JB Saeed Studio. Click here for ORO & ORO Collection


From England. Since its inception in 1980’s Euro Art has been providing best match, quality and aesthetically pleasing door hardware on projects in UK and because 2009 GCC, MENA and South East Asia. Euro Art treats every construction, its own function and people with complete understanding of architecture, design and customer’s demands. Continuous development and research with application of new technology and innovative design have positioned Euro Art among leader of dependable ironmongery products with aesthetic value. Buy EuroArt Architectural Hardware products in Pakistan exclusively at JB Saeed Studio. Click here for EURO ART Collection


From Italy. For forty years Giusti has been making accessories and handles such as furniture with particular attention to the needs of clients with a fantastic passion for metalworking. The importance of work and also for one's land of source supposed that the initiative of the new generation of the household ensured the expansion. And continuous renewal of the company up to the point of exporting its products to five continents. Buy Giusti Furniture handles in Pakistan exclusively at JB Saeed Studio.

Hettich International

From Germany. Hettich was founded in 1888 and is today one of the world's largest and most successful producers of accessories. Over 6,700 staff members in nearly 80 nations work together towards one aim: developing intelligent technology for the furniture.  With it, we excite individuals throughout the globe. And are a valuable partner to the furniture sector, retailers and the trades. Buy Hettich products in Pakistan exclusively at JB Saeed Studio. Click here for HETTICH Collection

Koopman International
From Netherland. Koopman International was founded in Amsterdam in 1937. What once started available on the market has since grown into an international importer that operates in more than twenty-four nations all around the globe. Koopman International provides an massive product range along with the best value for money. Click here for HETTICH Collection


From Spain. Sonia has a passion that goes beyond simply creating distinctive products for the bath. From accessories and furniture to basins, mirrors, and lighting, Sonia believes in creating products with personality that improve people’s lives and their environment. This passion moves beyond the action of creation. Sonia’s concepts become products from abstract ideas, emotions, and insights that their designers have undergone in their every day lives. Buy Sonia products in Pakistan exclusively at JB Saeed Studio. Click here for SONIA Collection


From Italy. By your side since 1970, continuously remaining up-to-date with the evolving habits and demands of the families with whom it has developed a strong relationship of trust through the years. Gimi has always offered a range of products capable to simplify daily chores, such as hanging out and ironing laundry, buying groceries and keeping the home neat and clean. The company provides many original solutions with respect to functionality and design, guaranteed by total attention to quality, efficient Italian production and an unfaltering passion with time. Buy Gimi products in Pakistan exclusively at JB Saeed Studio. Click here for GIMI Collection



From Italy. Yale Home has provided reliable safety since 1840. Yale Home is an ASSA ABLOY Group company with plant operations in Berlin, CT. They offer a broad continuum of door locks and hardware such as an extensive assortment of residential hardware options. The hardware consists of electronic door locks with leading edge technology integrations as well as top quality mechanical hardware designed to fit any home. Yale Home electronic products are leading the way in safety to the mobile lifestyle. Buy Yale products in Pakistan exclusively at JB Saeed Studio.


From Spain. We use top quality materials, machining processes with latest generation equipment, electrolytic bath with precious metals to 100 percent per hundred and barnizados o lacados proven with resistance to use daily. Only add is our commitment to give the best service and daily care. Therefore they can assure them that if we still trust will continue working hard to keep their brand in the privileged location they are internationally.

Buy Coba Door Handles in Pakistan exclusively at JB Saeed Studio. 

Smart MicroFiber

From Sweden. 20 decades of invaluable experience in producing and developing products made from microfiber permit them to offer a distinctive product range that contains the exceptional advantages of microfiber. They provide their customers a complete range of products inside the regions of Cleaning, FSC® Wood, and Auto Care Spa Care. Their products are known as top quality, innovative solutions as well as safe for the environment. They are the proud owners of many patents and patent-applications on a number of their products. Smarts products are now sold in more than 30 nations. Headquarters are located in Stockholm, Sweden. Buy Smart Cleaning products in Pakistan exclusively at JB Saeed Studio. Click here for SMART MICROFIBER Collection


From Italy. Elegant door handles and pull handles represent the Italian design all around the globe. The constant seeking of the perfection which characterizes Their production process, makes the Pasini products the authentic reflection of the Italian civilization. Buy Pasini Door Handles in Pakistan exclusively at JB Saeed Studio. Click here for PASINI Collection


From USA. As industry pioneers, Honeywell has developed lots of the groundbreaking advances that have shaped todays residential and commercial security systems. They made systems easier to set up and also to utilize, developed the industry's most reliable supervised wireless products and the many flexible hybrid control panels readily available on the market. They are also on the leading edge of advancements in long range radio, Internet alarm communications and sensor technology-including the development of the world's best-selling glass break detectors. Buy Honeywell Safes and hardware products in Pakistan exclusively at JB Saeed Studio. Click here for HONEYWELL Collection


From Turkey. Çebi doesn't provide “only design” to dwelling spaces and projects. Çebi extends its collections and goods far beyond “only design” with its own excellence in design, coating quality and sturdiness, as well as exceptional surface quality and smoothness that are symbols of its professionalism. It preserves environmental sensitivity at each stage from raw material selection to production processes and uses renewable energies. With a sense of responsibility to nature and generations to come, it conducts forestation activities to reduce its carbon footprint in the world. Distinctive designs are a necessary part of life and furniture in the world of Çebi. It gives passion and inspiration to people who want more. Buy Cebi Furniture handles in Pakistan exclusively at JB Saeed Studio. Click here for CEBI Collection


From Italy. Comit can pay for the complete production cycle, and its job is aimed to continuously indicating better and innovate products, and may thus provide a broad assortment of accessories and handles such as doors and also for furniture, able to satisfy any taste and any sort of market, constantly with a good combination between quality and cost, and representing the unmistakable Italian Design and Made in Italy production. Buy Comit Italian Door handles in Pakistan exclusively at JB Saeed Studio.

Click here for COMIT Collection


From Croydex. For more than one hundred decades, Croydex has devised innovative tub room products which overcome a real client need - from easy fit accessories and cabinets to toilet seats which never come loose. Our patented products offer a distinctive level of difference you can’t get everywhere else. Buy Croydex Bathroom products in Pakistan exclusively at JB Saeed Studio. Click here for CROYDEX Collection


From Italy. A steady research in technology and fashion, oriented to the constant product development and satisfaction of the broad demands. 
Omada is a completely Made-in-Italy company and we are very pleased with the underlying commitment and dedication of our 48-person team. Headquartered in the Marches, the “heart” of Italy, the company premises occupy a place of 8,000 sq yards, in which all production processes are made: from the design to the moulding, from the assembly to the consumer care service. Buy Omada Kitchenware products in Pakistan exclusively at JB Saeed Studio. Click here for OMADA Collection


A great deal ’s altered as Walter Schlage opened his first shop in 1920. At the exact same time, a lot hasn’t. They still meticulous designers, painstaking engineers, and proud craftsmen. Nearly a century later, they pleased to mix your doors with a growing menu of trendy, top-grade hardware. Buy Schlage hardware products in Pakistan exclusively at JB Saeed Studio.


From Spain. GENWEC WASHROOM EQUIPMENT & COMP is a leading company and world reference in the bathroom equipment sector. They control all the creation procedures, responding to the specific needs of each market: from the initial concept and design of the merchandise to the production and commercialization. Buy Genwec hand dryers and commercial bathroom products in Pakistan exclusively at JB Saeed Studio. Click here for GENWEC Collection

Mr Plant

From Sweden. Mr Plant is one of Europe’s leading providers of plants, trees and blossoms. They offer a total concept, with high-quality products and additional accessories. They're a protected partner with a high degree of service. A broad assortment that people rekindle seasonally and challenging warehousing allow us to deliver the right product at the right time, world-wide. Mr Plant has headquarters and displays from Tidaholm, Sweden, and can also be launched in Norway, Denmark, Finland, Italy, Spain and France. Buy Mr Plant artificial flowers and trees in Pakistan exclusively at JB Saeed Studio. Click here for MR PLANT Collection


From Germany. Founded in 1936 as a classic coco weaving mill in Laupheim, our family-owned enterprise is managed from the 3rd generation. The LAKO assortment covers printed mats, flocked mats, Mats with embroidery, different constructions or designs. Our modern machines and the quality management  Certified in accordance with DIN ISO 9001 ensures a constant and precise manufacturing. Throughout a 80 year time period the company had to accommodate itself to unique changes. The one thing, but never altered: The claim to interest their customers in perfect mats. Their product range covers all demands and regions of use.  Buy Lako door mats in Pakistan exclusively at JB Saeed Studio.Click here for LAKO Collection

HP Schou

From Denmark. At Schou, the consumer is always in the middle. They don't select the simplest, but the best solution, and don't compromise on their customers' wishes and requirements. 
They do extensive research on our products, and know exactly what works With regards to the right products, colors, packaging and costs. They used to working with customers who emphasize distinctive concepts. 



From USA. Since 1958, Johnson Hardware has produced an entire line of superior quality sliding, folding and pocket door hardware for residential and light commercial applications from its location in Elkhart, Indiana United States. During the years, their original designs and simple-to-install products have earned them a reputation as a business leader. All of Johnson Hardware products are designed with care, built using meticulous production procedures and assessed under rigid excellent control standards. In a constant effort to generate the best possible components, every Johnson Hardware merchandise is on a standard basis evaluated and upgraded using customer input and the most latest technology. Compare the Johnson Hardware line; you'll discover a superb blend of quality, function and value. Buy Harwdare products in Pakistan exclusively at JB Saeed Studio.

Salice Paolo

Thanks to these profound artistic origins the firm SALICE PAOLO born together with its philosophy. The real elegance is in the sense of measure, in everyone stylistic choice, also for the most hazardous. In reality, it's the refined sense of measure that compels their business selections from the start.  This is for their customers, in order to give them not only a set of levers, but distinctive items for their demands. Buy Main door handles in Pakistan exclusively at JB Saeed Studio.



From Italy. AGB - Alban Giacomo Spa is Italian company specialized in hardware systems for doors, windows and shutters. For seven years, AGB has been supplying manufacturers worldwide with optimum solutions for use and blocking of top quality, durable, lasting external and internal windows and doors. AGB's vast selection of merchandise is unrivalled among producers of components for windows and doors. Buy AGB Mortise lock in Pakistan exclusively at JB Saeed Studio.


From USA. In OXO, they look at everyday objects and activities and see ways to make things simpler, easier, more thoughtfully designed better. They detect things, detect pain points and pains-in the neck. They detect problems individuals do not realize are problems until they solve them. Buy OXO Kitchenware products in Pakistan exclusively at JB Saeed Studio. Click here for OXO Collection

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