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5 Things to Decorate Your Outdoor/Patio Space

by Ali Kushtiwala 05 Oct 2021 0 comments
5 things to decorate your Outdoor/Patio Space

Want to make your house look more aesthetic and leave a good impression on your guests when they enter? Make your gardens and patio space more attractive and decorative, adding to the aesthetic vibe of your place. Enjoy your evening teatime, or morning breakfast in fresh air and utilize your outdoor/patio space to the fullest. JB Saeed studio brings to you a variety of options that are ideal for your outdoor decoration. Our collection for decorating outdoor/patio space includes garden furniture, patio chairs, coffee tables, garden chairs, lanterns, garden décor, scented candles, artificial flowers, faux plants, and lots more. For your convenience, we have listed down 5 things you need to decorate your outdoor/patio space: 

  1. Pots and Plants
  2. Garden Furniture
  3. Faux Plants and Trees
  4. Outdoor Lanterns and Lamps
  5. Citronella/Mosquito Repellent Scented Candle
5 things to decorate your Outdoor/Patio Space

1. Pots and Plants:

Adding the element of nature or a bit of greenery is always a safe option when it comes to decorating your houses or outdoor spaces. JB Saeed studio brings to you a wide variety of pots and plants available in all sizes that you can place in your patios. These pots are available in many designs and add the perfect touch of aesthetics to your place. The way a person decorates his/her house speaks a lot about his style and personality, so you can choose the décor accordingly from our vast collection and style your outdoor space accordingly. Our collection of pots and plants include pots with wooden stands, flower ceramic pots, hanging planters that can be hung to your walls or entrances and floral themed flowerpots. 

Outdoor Pots and Plants

2. Garden Furniture:

A statement piece of furniture or garden furniture sets are an ideal choice to give life to your outdoor space or patios. A set of garden chairs paired with a cute cozy coffee table, or a garden bench to enjoy a book in fresh air sounds amazing. JB Saeed studio brings to you a variety of garden furniture options to choose from. Our collection includes garden chairs, tables, garden benches etc. Our garden chairs are available in different colors and are light weight so you can easily move them around. These furniture pieces are perfect for you to enjoy your evening supper or morning breakfast in fresh air or just simply sit outside and enjoy the weather. 

Garden Table and Chairs

3. Faux Plants and Trees:

You can do smart garden décor too that saves your time and hassle and does the job of being visually aesthetic too! JB Saeed studio has a wide collection of faux plants and trees that are the perfect way to decorate your outdoor areas and some color too it too. Having artificial plants and flowers will free you from having to take care of them and continuously water them. These faux plants are of good quality and will last a very long time without withering. These artificial flowers can be placed in vases and look as good as original/real ones. These faux trees and plants are the best way to add aesthetics to your place.  

Artificial Plants and Trees


4. Outdoor Lanterns and Lamps:

A bit of a touch of medieval and ancient times also serves as vintage-y aesthetics. JB Saeed studio has a huge collection of different types of light lanterns which can be hung in your patios or gardens and can also make-do for a perfect candle-light dinner in fresh air. This also serves as a great prop for your outdoor décor. These lanterns are available in many shapes and designs, matte, split willow, porcelain and much more. You can light up your outdoor areas at night in a fancy and trendy way with these lanterns and add to the aesthetics of your place. 

Lanterns and Lamps

5. Citronella/Mosquito Repellent Scented Candles:

One thing that is not in our control when sitting outdoors is insects and mosquitos. It does get annoying, but JB Saeed studio brings the perfect solution for this too. Being your one-stop shop for all your needs, we bring to you our mosquito repellent, citronella candle which is not only a way of adding to the aesthetic décor of your place but also works as a mosquito repellent or insect resistant, when lit up. The scent it produces is a calm and soothing one which will make you feel more relaxed, and to top it up it also keeps mosquitos away. 

Citronella Candles

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