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10 Things for Your New Home

by Ali Kushtiwala 29 Sep 2021 0 comments
New Home

Building your new home? There are some things we all need in our homes, especially when moving into a new one. A home is where you spend most of your time and it is your comfort place, so it must be cozy, beautiful, and well-decorated. A good and lively looking house generates positive energy and good vibes which lights up your mood. JB Saeed studio being a one-stop solution for your home solutions, brings to you a wide variety of household items which are a must-have for our houses. The wide product category ranging from kitchenware to outdoor furniture, we have it all! Here are the ten things you need for your new home and worry no more about where to find them; JB Saeed studio is the perfect solution for all such problems. Here are 10 things for your new Home!

  • Door Handles
  • Wall Hanging Décor
  • Living Room Accessories
  • Bathroom Sets
  • Floor Mats
  • Household Organizers
  • Furniture Handles and Knobs
  • Pots and Vases
  • Kitchen Organizers
  • Cleaning Mops and Cloths

Decorate your New Home

1. Door Handles:

Obviously, a house is incomplete without doors. But have you ever thought of making your doors look aesthetic and fancy? Add the perfect touch of luxury and aesthetic sense to your bedroom doors, main doors, bathroom doors with our wide variety of door handles lock. JB Saeed studio brings to you many kinds of door handle available in different colors and designs. Suit your preference and taste and make your new home fancier and more luxurious. Our range of door handles include chrome plated, antique brass, simple and minimalistic as well as modern and fancy handles.

Door Handles

2. Wall Hanging Décor:

Plain walls are too boring and cliché in this modern era of aesthetic sense of home décor. JB Saeed studio brings to you a variety of wall hanging décor to make your house walls look fancier, aesthetic and add liveliness to your place. Our collection of wall hanging décor includes printed frames that add the perfect aesthetic sense to your place. These can be hung on your kitchen walls, bedroom walls, living rooms or even hallways. We also have picture frames which are the perfect way if storing your memories and pictures. These picture frames serve as great wall décor and add to the aesthetic of the place. You can also add a touch of greenery to your houses with our hanging pots and plants. They are best suited for patios, entrances, garden walls and decoration with wood.

Wall Hanging Decor

3. Living Room Accessories:

Living rooms are a vital part of everyone’s house. It is the center of attraction and most of the day is spent lying on our living room couches. Having a well-decorated and aesthetically pleasing living room adds to the good vibe of your place and makes you love your home even more. JB Saeed studio brings to you many kinds of living room accessories which are a must have in everyone’s living rooms. Our collection includes wall decoration with wood, coat racks, scented candles, pedestal fans, furniture accessories, coffee tables and decorative pots and vases. All these add a whole lot to your living rooms and make them more aesthetic and beautiful.

Living Room Accessories

4. Bathroom Sets:

A new house also means new bathrooms, right? Make your bathrooms fancy and aesthetic and add the perfect touch of luxury with our bathroom accessories sets. These are an essential in bathrooms and make your life easier and place more aesthetic and fancier. Our bathroom sets consist of soap dishes, handwash dispenser, toothbrush holder, towel racks, hand towel racks etc. These are available in different colors so you can choose your bathroom accessories set according to your bathroom’s theme. 

Bathroom Sets

5. Floor Mats:

Add the perfect accessories to your living rooms, bathrooms, entrances, or bedrooms. JB Saeed studio offers many kinds of floor mats that are available in different materials, designs and colors. Our collection of floor mats includes animal rugs and printed mats. These mats keep your floor protected as well as add a cozy and decorative touch to your surroundings; a must have in your new homes!

Floor Mats and Rugs

6. Household Organizers:

Keep your new homes neat and tidy and avoid the everyday mess using our range of organizers and storage boxes. Our collection includes makeup organizers, storage box for clothes, laundry baskets, bottle organizers for kitchens and pantry and even cosmetic organizers. These can be placed wherever you like, in your homes. Our collection also includes storage boxes for kids, which are ideal to be placed in kids’ rooms as they are cutesy and add to the kid’s vibe. 

Household Organizers

7. Furniture Handles and Knobs:

Did you know you can add your personality touch to your furniture pieces and make them fancier and more interesting? Well, JB Saeed studio has it all. We bring to you many kinds of furniture handles and knobs that cater to all budget options, as well as all tastes and preferences. Our collection includes kids’ furniture knobs, antique furniture handles, Swarovski furniture handles and knobs and even simple and minimalistic ones. You can choose according to your taste and preference and enhance the look of all your furniture items, wardrobes, study tables, bedside drawers, cabinets and much more! 

Furniture Handles and Knobs

8. Pots and Vases:

A little touch of nature and a bit of greenery can go a long way when decorating your new houses and gardens. JB Saeed studio has a variety of pots and vases which are ideal for decoration and aesthetic appeal. Our collection includes flowerpots, pots with wooden stands, ceramic pots, floral pots and much more. Wall decoration with flowers is also the newest trend to compliment your surrounding theme.

Pots and Vases

9. Kitchen Organizers:

What’s a house without a kitchen? Make your new house’s kitchen more organized and sophisticated because a good house is a tidy house. JB Saeed studio offers a variety of kitchen organizers that will help you keep your kitchens organized and add to the aesthetic appeal too. Our collection of kitchen organizers includes dish racks, kitchen trolleys, kitchen holders, cutting boards, salt, and pepper shakers and much more. 

Dish Rack

10. Cleaning Mops and Cloths:

What is most important for your new homes is to keep it maintained and clean. A good house is a clean house. We bring to you our all-new range of cleaning mops and cloths that will help you keep your house sparkling and shining. Our collection includes squeegees, cleaning sponges, mops, buckets, cleaning cloth, dusters, microfiber cloths etc. These are a must have cleaning tools for your houses to always look as good as new. 

Cleaning Supplies

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