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Best Home Decoration Ideas in Pakistan for 2021

by Ali Kushtiwala 31 May 2021 0 comments
Home Decoration Ideas

Last year has been quite the ride. With most of us in lockdown and confined to our homes, we’ve developed a notion to make our households better, and surely have had our tastes altered about how we would like to have our homes look like. The year 2021 is all about fashioning a cozy and moodier climate for our homes. Since we’ll be spending most of our times indoors and want to change the monotonous tones of our homes, here are a couple of home decoration ideas in Pakistan for 2021.

Home Decoration Ideas


1. Entrance Decoration Pieces

As you enter your home through the doorway, you need that urgency to feel at home and unwind. Loosen your pockets and ditch the formality you’ve been rendering to the outside world. It’s the small things that that the eye becomes used too that achieves this. The nearby console, the wall hanging décor or the basket/vase in which you throw your keys in, they all matter.

Entrance Decoration

JBSaeed Studio is the perfect place to find accent pieces that allow your house to reflect the best parts of your personality. We bring you flowerpots that can sit well in your driveway and on the stairs leading up to your homes threshold. Ceramic vases/pots placed on a table or console nearby introduce the homey vibe you crave for. Even the smallest things such as a door knocker can serve as an entrance decoration piece.

2. Interior Decoration

Interior décor is everything, from wall clocks, wall hangings, table lamps to sofa sets and coffee tables. Your houses interior is a window into your soul. JBSaeed Studio vends a plethora of interior decoration items that you can position anywhere in your house to your liking.

Interior Decoration

Faux plants and trees are all the craze this season, with lockdowns most of us haven’t had our fill of greenery. That’s where artificial plants fit in, artificial outdoor potted plants sometimes look better than the real ones, our assortment of faux stems and plants/trees is very diverse, we stack trees for outdoor settings such as lager trees, kentia palm, fiddle trees, and smaller stems & flowers for vases/pots inside the house mainly hydrangea, roses, Phalaenopsis amongst so many more.

3. Fancy Wall Clocks

Even though we live in a digitized era, wall clocks carry a style unmatched till yet, and produce utility as well. We offer fancy wall clocks in various themes and designs, such as vintage, contemporary and bar themed clocks in addition to shelve clocks. Every once in a while we tend to look at the wall instead of our screens to know the time, wouldn’t it be amazing to see a well-crafted clock beautifying your walls and appreciate the dying analog trend.

Wall Clocks


4. Scented Candles

The mind demands stimulation from more than just one sense. Our olfactory sense is the 2nd most vital sense that we have. Humans like all mammals are extremely receptive to smells that attract us. A good & strong aromatic input makes all the difference in the world; JB Saeed Studio offers scented candles and diffusers in a surfeit of smells, adapting to every mood that you want to set.

Scented Candles

Our sense of smell is highly strong, so much so that it directly alters the way we perceive taste and goes as far as affecting our memories, emotions and feelings. Our line of scented candles are all made from natural soy and with a pure fiber wick which allows for a cleaner burn plus making it safe. Apart from various smells, our candles also come in many sizes; in addition to their ability to compliment your home décor and eliminate any unwanted odour coming from your pets, kitchen or bathroom.

5. Wall Hanging Décor

Empty walls equals’ empty hearts. You must have heard the term the walls hear, well, the walls speak too. The better you adorn your walls, the fuller look it gives off. Wall hanging décor offer a strong source of visual input. Photo frames, display racks and hook hangers are just some of the articles that we offer. It’s not just that that hanging décor makes your house look pretty; they can also prove to be functional too.

Decoration Pieces

6. Table lamps and Hanging lanterns

Table Lamps and Lanterns

Whether dimly lit or bright lamps. JB Saeed Studio retails table lamps and hanging lanterns in exciting colors, frosts and in various styles. Our hanging lantern collection is great for a dimly lit setting, and perfect for a late night tea session on the patio with your loved ones. JBSaeed’s table lamps come in a frosted bottle glass and chic metal lamps in multiple colors.

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