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Best Ceramic Vases and Flower Pots in Pakistan

by Ali Kushtiwala 01 Jun 2021 0 comments
Best Ceramic Vases and Flower Pots in Pakistan

It was the ancient Egyptian civilization, which has been known to be the originators of vases as decorative pieces, but it was the Greeks that perfected them and turned their simple styled vases into beautiful accent pieces that beautified their homes and proved to be functional as well. Then from the Greeks the world inherited this gift, and now in almost every home, we find some type of vase used to prettify our living spaces.

Pots and Vases

1. Decorative vases

Vases are mainly used as decorative pieces throughout the world, and Pakistan is no exception to that. The amazing thing about vases and flower pots is how super customizable they are, you can get them in just about any shape, size and color. Another thing about vases is that their size also becomes a determinant in where they should be placed. For instance larger vases are usually placed on the floor to fill its empty corners, and with flowers or pampas grass in them it adds to the beautiful ambience of the room. And smaller vases usually find their way on top of tables or consoles.

JBSaeed Studios vase collection features a surfeit amount of decorative vases which you can place anywhere. Let’s introduce you to two of amazing decorative vases.

  • Ceramic Vase - PLF-317

Ceramic Vase - Plf-317

This large sized ceramic vase, is perfect for the empty corners of your home, you can also arrange them at the entrance of your home and/or in your corridor. If you have green fingers then this vase is perfect for you its white exterior allows you to play with your choices, without having to worry too much about contrast.

  • Ceramic Vase - PLF-290

Ceramic Vase - PLF-290

This vase serves as perfect reminder of how amazing Mother Nature can be. The paint is coral blue with the base colored light brown, the combination reminding you of a tropical scenery, and with a hem that is irregular and not linear, you’ll be reminded of the waves. This ceramic vase can best be used as a center piece or even as a planter in your balcony or at your entrance and we all know how well blue and green gel.

2. Flower Vases

Flowers lose their bloom, but your vases won’t. Flowers come and go, but the vases stay. We love flower vases because they are vessels for love. They narrate your love for nature, for art and for your loved ones.

JBSaeed Studio brings these vessels to you. Let’s take a look at one of our best articles.

  • Vase Ceramic 14x19cm KOP-401

Vase Ceramic 14x19cm KOP-401

This ceramic vase features a thin neck vase and a leaf venation pattern. The vase comes in 3 colors, and with the addition of the perfect flowers will be the best centerpiece for your dining tables, plus can also be an accent piece for your drawing rooms as well.

3. Coffee Table Vases

Coffee tables differ from other furniture articles of the room, in that it can really change the entire look of the room. Coffee tables in essence anchor the room and make a style statement, hence having the right coffee table décor becomes a necessity.

JBSaeed offers many décor items for your coffee tables, one of them being vases. Let’s take a look at a couple of vases that scream coffee.

  • Pot with wood stand - PLF-276

Pot with Stand

This perfectly round ceramic vase, sports a green interior coating and stands proud on a wooden stand, accentuating the style and elevating the table’s height as well. The vase is picture-perfect for some artificial plants.

  • Ceramic Vase - PLF-304

Ceramic Vase - PLF-304

For a dark and deep aura, this ceramic vase will call to you. Even if you don’t put anything in it and leave it empty, it’s enough make your coffee table look good by matching its color and grain.  

4. Planters

Whenever we walk or drive by a nursery, we all just want to go in, pick out a couple of plants and bring them home. Humans are naturally attracted to greenery because the color makes our muscles relax, calms us down, reinvigorates us and gives us a sense of renewal. The color green has that power.

JBSaeed Studio understands this desire very well and therefore puts forth not only flowers and stems but also planters which adorn the foliage. Let us introduce you to two of our favorite planters

  • Flowerpot Capri Square KOP-384

Flower Pot

A tall flowerpot, colored anthracite grey suitable with just about any flower and plantation you place in it. The simple grey coloration is what allows this planter to blend so well with its background and heighten the foliage’s impression.

  • Flower Pot Square Terra Cotta KOP-388

Flower Pot Square Terra Cotta Kop-388

A simple everyday squared terra cotta planter, ideal for your lawns and gardens. The stonelook serves as a reminder of how Mother Nature clothes herself in flora & vegetation. And to have that encapsulated in a planter should be considered as a blissful arrangement.


So if you’re in the market searching for the best home decoration ideas in Pakistan for 2021. Then you shouldn’t shy away from checking out the best ceramic vases and flower pots in Pakistan that we offer, and have your living space look its best self.

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