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Top 5 Factors to Look For While Buying Cookware for Your Kitchen

by Ali Kushtiwala 26 Aug 2021 0 comments

Cookware items are something that are needed on everyday basis because we cook food every day, that too multiple times in a single day be it ceramic cookware, stainless steel cookware, granite, or aluminum. So, it is important to look out for the best quality cookware that will last you long enough and meet your necessary cookware requirements. JB Saeed studio brings to you Flonal cookware items that it the best non-stick cookware set and consists of various types of products, for example, sauté pans, grill pans, baking pans, nonstick saucepans and much more. Flonal cookware is a superior brand that is the best nonstick cookware brand that not only enhances your cooking experience but also provide you with the most durable products according to your preferences and budget.


When buying cookware, the things that people look for are cost, quality, durability, variety, and ease of use. Cooking is a hectic job and so, people prefer that they have a smooth and easy cooking experience.

Cost and Value:

The first thing that people look for when buying cookware is its affordability and their budget. Flonal cookware is the right choice here. This brand of cookware has further sub-categories that vary in prices, making it affordable for everyone. The sub-categories offered by Flonal are Pepita Granit, Pietra Lavica and monolite induction. These three brands have the same products, but their prices vary. Some variants are priced on the higher side while some are easily affordable. All the products irrespective of price range, are environment friendly. Flonal is the best non-stick cookware brand with price range starting from as low as Rs. 3000, up to Rs 8000 approximately. The prices are set according to the quality and as quality increases, so do the prices.

Cookware Value

Material Quality of the Cookware:

As much as we all want pretty cookware to enhance our kitchens, what is most important is to have a functional cookware than something that just looks pretty. Yes, having a matching set of pots and pans feels nice but you wouldn’t care about the matching-colored cookware if your steak or patty keeps sticking to the pan’s surface? It is important to have good quality cookware that not only gives good results but is also durable. Flonal cookware offered by JB Saeed studio is a high-quality cookware range that has a non-stick surface and falls under the category of aluminum cookware, so you do not have to worry about your steaks or patties getting stuck to your surface. The superior thickness of aluminum enables perfect distribution and balance of heat through out the pan. The non-stick nature prevents any scratches of cooking utensils on the pot or pan’s surface. Flonal cookware pots and pans are oven-friendly and extremely durable, hence worth the investment.

Material of the Cookware

When buying cookware, it is also important to know about the material of the cookware. There are very limited options with regards to material, for example stainless steel, copper, aluminum etc. The decision lies in your hand, and you must know what material cookware suits your cooking and kitchen requirements the most. All materials have their pros and cons, but its you who can decide what to choose. Flonal cookware is of an aluminum body and is wear and scratch resistance. It is a great conductor of heat, hence, helps keep the temperature balanced. Flonal cookware makes an excellent choice for your everyday cooking.

Ease of Use:

Cooking Is a tedious task, so we all look for cookware that is easy to use and can assist us for a smooth cooking experience. Something that is easy to clean, easy to hold and easy to use. Flonal cookware meets all these requirements. The pans and pots made by Flonal cookware have two handles attached and their lids are also available. The handles make it easy to carry and the lid prevents air, dust or anything unwanted to enter your dish. The flonal cookware pans are wear and tear resistant so they will not deteriorate after rigorous cleaning and washing. These are easy to use and clean and can be the perfect choice for your cookware collection.

Frying at ease

Your Cooking Style:

People tend to differ when it comes to the type of cooking they do at home. There are some who prefer making simple and light meals whilst there are people who want to make exotic and fancy meals, so it is important to know the type that your cooking belongs to. If you’re usually cooking plain rice, chapatis and lentils then your choice of cookware items will be different from someone who loves cooking pasta, grilled cheese buns, biryani, burgers etc. Those who are into fancy food often require a wider variety of cookware. Flonal cookware brings to you a variety of pans and pots that you can choose according to the type of cooking you do. The exotic cook might need few more pans for example, sauté pans, baking dish etc.

Cooking Style

Type of Your Stove:

It is important that you buy cookware according to the size and type of stove you have at home. Some stoves are too thin and small for a large pot to hold, so it is best that you do your homework before making any impulse decisions of purchasing cookware. Flonal brings to you, cookware in many sizes so you can choose the one that fits your stove perfectly. We mostly do open flame cooking and ceramic cookware, and glass cookware are not quite suitable for that, non-stick aluminum works best for this which Is provided to you by Flonal cookware. The supreme thickness of aluminum helps to evenly distribute heat across the pan, making it safe to use.

Stove style

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