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5 Best Frying Dish Ideas for You

by Ali Kushtiwala 11 Aug 2021 0 comments
Frying Dishes

JB Saeed studio has been maintaining its high quality products and fulfilling its customer needs in the best possible manner. JB Saeed cookware provides the best cook ware to its customers such as grill pans, baking pans, pressure cookers, sauté pans and much more. We believe in making your cooking experience a smooth one and assisting you as much as we can. We have come up with 5 best frying recipes for you that you can prepare using our high quality nonstick cookware and enjoy your quick, easy and delicious meals.

Frying Dish Ideas

Chicken Steaks:

In the mood for a fancy and mouth-watering meal at home? Steaks are the solution to your cravings. Chicken steak or beef steak both can be prepared easily at home with JB Saeed studio’s high quality and durable cast iron grill pans. You can sizzle, cook and grill meat in our grill pans. Our non-stick grill pan is best suited for slowly cooked meals and steaks are the best option for this. Not only do the higher than usual walls of the pan prevent splatter but, it also sustains the juices in the meat. Thereby preparing a sizzling, fresh and juicy steak.

Steaks are incomplete without the steamed vegetables on the side. Don’t worry about that, because JB Saeed Studio has got you covered here too. Our stainless-steal asparagus steamer is a quick fix for your steamed vegetables.

Chicken Steak

Scrambled Eggs:

Bored of the everyday boring breakfast of bread, jam and butter? Make yourself some scrambled eggs in our fry pans. They are high quality, nonstick and durable fry pans which prevent any sticking of food on the cooking surface. The wide surface of non-stick frying pan ensures that the beaten eggs are evenly spread across the pan, and the heat or flame is also balanced, preventing under/over cooking.

Good food is equal to good mood so make your mornings more interesting with tasty and easy to make scrambled eggs in our fry pans. Scrambled eggs without the sprinkling of salt and pepper on the top, are not complete. Try out our salt and pepper shakers to sprinkle just the right amount on your delicious scrambled eggs and have a great start to your day.

Scrambled Eggs


Have a party to host and can’t decide what to make? Lasagna is your best bet here! Make juicy, fresh, flavorful and delicious lasagna using JB Saeed cookware. The first step is to boil lasagna strips and in order to make a good lasagna, your lasagna strips have to be boiled perfectly without breaking or sticking. Our high quality nonstick sauce pans are best for boiling lasagna strips and pastas. Its depth and nonstick nature makes it your best option as it easily boils lasagna strips quickly without sticking.

After the assembling of lasagna strips with layers of cheese, meat gravy, vegetables and sauces, we bake the entire dish. Our baking pans will make this task much easier for you to prepare the most delicious and presentable lasagna as they are the best option to prepare and serve hot dishes. Our non-stick baking pans are available in many different sizes so you can choose your baking pan according to the quantity you wish to prepare. You can assemble the lasagna layers in the baking pan and put the baking pan in the oven to bake the lasagna.



Craving something sweet? Or want to make a quick and easy dessert for last minute parties? Try preparing baked pudding; simply one of the most delicious and light desserts. JB Saeed Cookware has nonstick baking pans which are best suited to prepare a quick baked pudding as it works best to prepare runny batters are also oven-friendly, so can be placed in the oven without fearing any shattering of glass or damage to the utensil.

To decorate and garnish your delicious baked pudding with neat and attractive icing, JB Saeed Bakeware has reusable piping bags made from cotton that allow you to do perfect icing on your pudding and make it look more mouth-watering and attractive.


Grilled Fish:

Sea food lovers!! Craving hot, fresh, delicious and juicy fish for lunch/dinner at home? Prepare the most well-cooked fish using JB Saeed cookware’s grilling pans. These grill pans slowly cook the fish and also try to hold the tenderness and juiciness of the meat inside. Our grill pans have a non-stick coating on it and a clip attached. The grill also has a wooden handle to prevent your hand from getting burned by providing insulation and their high walls help to prevent any splatter of oil, thereby making it totally safe to use.

Grilled Fish

You can have this at a BBQ night, prepare grilled fish sandwiches or burgers or have them with different sauces. So, use our grill pans to make the most out of your BBQ parties and enjoy the goodness of your deliciously cooked grilled fish.

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