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10 Dinner Daawat Essentials for an Amazing Family Daawat

by Ali Kushtiwala 24 Sep 2021 0 comments
10 Dinner Daawat Essentials for an Amazing Family Daawat

Belonging to a brown family, we all are aware of the trend of family daawats, be it on Eid, birthdays, graduation, work promotion or whatever the occasion is. Us Pakistanis are the best when it comes to hosting the mot extravagant and classy dawaats at home. To be able to have the best and most amazing dinners at home, there are some essentials or must haves without which your daawats are incomplete. JB Saeed studio is your one stop solution for all your needs, and we have got you covered for you lavish dinner parties too. Check out our huge collection of table dinner sets, crockery sets, cutlery, glassware, table coasters and much more, and host the best dawaats. Here are the 10 dinner daawat essentials for every family daawat:

  1. Porcelain/Stoneware Dinner Set
  2. Cutlery Set
  3. Goblet Glass Set
  4. Bamboo Three Tiers Food Stand
  5. Scented Candles
  6. Beverage Dispensers
  7. Dining Table Mats
  8. Coasters
  9. Cocktail Picks
  10. Faux/Artificial Plants and Flowers

Family Gathering

1. Porcelain/Stoneware Dinner Set:

What is a dinner party without a fancy yet classy table dinner set? JB Saeed studio brings to you the perfect dinner sets for your family daawats. These dinner sets are available in plain white color that add to the elegance of the dinner table. These white dinner sets are made from porcelain and are shatter resistant and easy to clean. These dinner sets consist of 36 pieces that include dinner plates, mugs, bowls, glasses, knives, forks, and spoons. Our stoneware dinner set is the perfect epitome of luxury and is one of the most trending designs. These are a must have for your family dawaats and leave a great impression on your guests.

Dinner Set

2. Cutlery Set:

JB Saeed studio has a wide variety of cutlery sets consisting of forks, knives, and spoons. Our collection includes a few sets of fancy cutleries which are also a must have if you are hosting dinner parties and dawaats. Fancy and trendy cutlery sets add a whole lot the vibe of the place and enhances the dinner spread. Adding the perfect touch of elegance and luxury, these fancy cutlery sets make your meal even more enjoyable and delicious to eat. 

Cutlery Set

3. Goblet Glass Set:

Serve your guests, water, juice, soda, or soft drinks at dawaats in the most fancy and luxurious way with our goblet glass sets. Goblet shaped glasses are the personification of elegance and makes the user feel elite and sophisticated. These goblets add the perfect amount of minimalistic touch to your dinner tables and enhance the overall outlook of your dining tables. These glasses are trendy, lightweight and are not easily breakable. 

Glass Set

4. Bamboo Three Tiers Food Stand:

A good presentation is a very important factor for dawaats and dinner parties. It is the presentation of dishes and snacks that makes your party memorable and your meals appetizing. JB Saeed brings to you the most trendy and useful food stands. These are three tier food stands and can be used to serve food and snacks like cupcakes, tarts, pastries, sandwiches, sliders etc. These food stands are also available in bamboo material making it a safe choice as it is also environmentally friendly and gives a very minimalistic vibe. 

Serving Platters

5. Scented Candles:

A good and soothing environment adds a lot to your well-hosted dinner parties and family dawaats. A good and refreshing/soothing scent while eating will make your guests relax well and enjoy their meals to the fullest. JB Saeed studio brings to you a huge variety of scented candles which are also a must have for your dinner parties. These scented candles not only add to the sophisticated and luxurious vibe but also acts as a mood enhancer for all the people present at the daawat. You can find all ranges of scents in our store or online website, from fruity to citrus, woody to floral, we have it all. Choose your favorite fragrance and host the best dinner parties and dawaats at your place without worrying about leaving a good impression on your guests because our scented candles will do the job.

Scented Candles

6. Beverage Dispensers:

A beverage dispenser adds to the aesthetics of your dinner presentation and daawat planning. Our frozen beverage dispensers are of transparent glass and can be used to store lemonade, drinks, juices for your guests. It is a trending way in this era for beverage serving as it also adds color to your parties because of its transparency.

Beverage Dispensers

7. Dining Table Mats:

A good and trendy set of dining table mats is also a must have because without them, your dining table will look incomplete. A good and eye-catching set of dinning table mats or placemats not only adds to the aesthetics of your dining table décor but also adds to the presentation and sophistication of the dinner table. JB Saeed studio has a variety of table mats suitable for dining tables. These are a must have and so you can never go wrong with them. 

Dining Table Mats

8. Coasters:

A set of nice and cute table coasters are also an essential for your amazing family daawats. JB Saeed studio brings to you a variety of different colored coaster packs which can be used to keep your glasses, preventing any scratches and marks on your precious and valuable furniture. These coasters look very trendy and minimalistic and add a whole lot to the aesthetic vibe of your dinner parties.  


9. Cocktail Picks:

Our cocktail picks are of the most adorable items in our stock. These are primarily used for decoration and aesthetic presentation but are also useful. These cocktail picks add color to your dining table and make your food’s presentation fancier and cuter. These can be used to serve appetizers or salads or in some cases, even desserts.

Cocktail Picks

10. Faux/Artificial Plants and Flowers:

A little bit of decoration goes a long way and leaves a good image in the minds of your guests. JB Saeed studio has a lot of variety artificial plant decoration like faux plants and artificial flowers. These are available in different sizes and are ideal for indoor home décor. Our miniature faux plants can be kept as décor pieces on your dining tables as center pieces, or our artificial flowers can also be used for this. The best thing about faux plants and artificial flowers is that they do not need any maintenance and care and will not wither with time and temperature. These will add greenery and make your dining table more presentable and attractive. 

Artificial Plants

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