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Benefits of Having Digital locks in 2021

by Ali Kushtiwala 07 Jun 2021 0 comments
Digital Locks

We live in dangerous times, it's not like it was in the past where you could leave your doors open without the fear of someone breaking in.  Long gone are those days. In this day and age, we need to secure our belongings and take the right steps for it. Thanks to technological advancement we can feel a bit securer with the option of digital locks for our homestead. In this article I will attempt to tell you the benefits of digital locks in 2021.

Digital Locks

The chances of a home invasion or burglary are ever on the rise, and our old locks with outdated systems won't be much of a help. These locks can be easily bypassed even if someone knows basic picking. Our old locks are very prone to being picked and bypassed, they don’t even have an alert system to let us know, and the next thing you know... you’ve been robbed silently.

Now everything is price, right? No. When we search biometric door locks prices in Pakistan, we expect a cheap and workable solution. But what we are missing out on is the superior value attached to a higher price tag that we refuse to see. Now that may not be the case but in Pakistan a digital lock is still considered as a novelty.

Biometric door locks in Pakistan:

We entrust our entire data by the fingerprint, whether it be bank details, identity details, or our personal data on our mobile phones, so let's continue this trend and apply this to our home security too. Fingerprints can't be picked, and each one is unique. And in this modern day and age our fingerprint is our most relied security asset. With biometric locks, you get a much better security system. The biometric locks have various features that aim to benefit the customer in many ways as possible.

Digital LockDigital LockDigital Lock

This smart door lock is built to wade of unwanted visitors and provides state of the art security. The Fingerprint door lock is able to record up to 100 fingerprints, can be opened by numeric codes, RFID cards or through a remote.  All functions re available to you, so that you can decide which function is the most feasible to you. 

Old manual locking systems are prone to being picked, to rust and aging. Electronic door locks are whether resistant, don’t age and certainly can't be picked easily.  Though this lock is for your main doors. 

You also have the option for getting bedroom digital locks and office smart locks, these electronics systems are much smaller but pack a punch, in essence they do the same job as your main door, but their look is more suitable for a bedroom door and its elegance makes the door shine.

Digital LockDigital LockDigital Lock

JBSaeed Studio also vends a digital locks for sliding doors and glass doors

Such as Epic Digital Lock Pop scan for Sliding Door

Digital LockDigital LockDigital Lock

This electronic lock, is extremely sturdy, resistant to being hacked, gives you the opportunity to open the door through various registered means, and has a sound alarm system.

For glass doors: Epic Digital Lock for Glass Door

Digital LockDigital LockDigital lock

This glass door lock also, is extremely sturdy, easy to install, packs an alarm system and also is anti-shock, anti-fire and has an anti-hacking system.

People in the latter stages of their lives sometimes have their fingerprints wiped off, which is totally natural. So why just make electronic locks that open by fingerprint, most locks today are made considering age to be a factor. The simplest method is to place a registered RFID chip to the scanner and voila! You're in, or you punch in a designated code to get entrance.

JBSaeed Studio aims to revolutionize home & office security in Pakistan, and believes that there is a growing demand for a more robust/active security solution. Let's secure our homestead and workplaces better and more towards a modernized security solution. We encourage our customers to read thoroughly regarding our offerings, and call us freely to help you find more viable solutions.

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