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Best BBQ Meals You Can Cook At Home

by Ali Kushtiwala 10 Jun 2021 0 comments
Best BBQ Meals You Can Cook At Home

JBSaeed Studio has had a long history of retailing good quality items that prove difficult to find in Pakistan. So we’ve made it our main purpose to provide you with those much need items that are difficult to source. Like many other items, JBSaeed Studio therefore brings its customers BBQ items; such as skewers, cast –iron grilling pans, charcoal grills, and BBQ grills in best prices in Pakistan. We aim to provide you with those BBQ items that encourage you to try out some of the best BBQ recipes you can try at home. Let’s take a look at some BBQ recipes you can try using our BBQ grills and accessories.

BBQ Grill and Accessories

Let’s start with an appetizer shall we, every dinner or party we host, has to have some appetizers or scrumptious hors d'oeuvres to get the event started and prepare our stomachs for some heavy munching. For an appetizer you can cook chicken tikka sticks, and present them on bamboo sticks.

1. Steaks

Furthermore, JBSaeed also offers you a heavy and robust cast iron grill pans which you can use to sear, sizzle, cook or grill any meat serving. This grill pan however is the perfect choice in making juicy steaks in all temperature and doneness degrees. The pan’s walls are higher than usual to prevent splatter and it also sports a large handle preventing direct contact of fire with your hand.

Then again a good seared and cooked steak is not the only thing that makes it a good meal, the seasoning is the most important one. Steaks require very minimal seasoning just thyme, butter, garlic and salt and pepper. Now we don’t vend salt and pepper, but we do offer an incredible salt/pepper grinder.

BBQ Steaks


2. Grilled Fish

If you’re a fan of grilled fish, fret not we are on your side. JBSaeed Studio also offers seafood devotees a chance to grill some flavorsome fishes with this Fish grill. The grill has a non-stick coating on it and is fastened by a clip. Just fasten the fish in the grill handle and place it on a charcoal grill and after a while enjoy flaky grilled chicken. The grill also has a wooden handle to prevent your hand from getting burned by providing insulation.

Doing BBQ events, is a longstanding tradition in our culture, it brings us together and is one of our favorite gathering events. Nothing speaks unbounded love like sharing some grilled burgers, hot dogs or some Desi BBQ cuisine.

Fish Grill


3. Grilled Burgers

Everybody agrees that the best burgers are the ones made and seared on a proper BBQ grill. JBSaeed Studio enters the picture here, and presents you with an abundance of out-door barbecue grills and accessories, BBQ stands operated on charcoal, gas and also electrically operated grills.

If you’re having a cookout on your lawn or in a park, you must certainly take a look at our collection of outdoor BBQ grills. This Grill is one of the perfect choices for a cookout and making delicious charcoal grilled cheese burgers, as it has wheels, ash catcher and adjustable air vents.

We also offer accurate wireless meat thermometers and timer, which accurately tell the temperature of the protein. You may use this tool to check the steaks doneness.

Grilled Burgers


4. Desi Barbeque

Moreover if you’re cooking some desi style BBQ, such as Bihari boti, malai boti and tikka’s they need air ventilation. We offer BBQ fans and a BBQ fan air blower gun too. This gun throws wind at 6-7 m/s and is a very effective tool in setting up the fire to cook delicious chicken skewers and other BBQ items. Lastly, JBSaeed Studio vends aluminum serving trays and napkins too so you can enjoy a cookout experience to its fullest.

Desi Barbeque

JBSaeed Studio also feels immense pride over the fact that it operates a free delivery in Pakistan policy. So wherever you are, if you’re a BBQ connoisseur, our offering swill surely excite you.

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