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Best Digital Fireproof Home Safes for 2021

by Ali Kushtiwala 17 Jun 2021 0 comments
Best Digital Fireproof Home Safes for 2021

JBSaeed Studio believes in providing you with robust, long lasting and hazard safe security solution. Which is why we bring you a line of security safes and lockers that safeguard your valuables such as keys. Cash, jewelry and memorabilia. Let’s take a look at some of the premium security solution JBSaeed offers you.

Best Safes

Diplomate Next Premium Fire Safe

This safety locker is the highlight of our collection of fire safes. The premium fire safe has innumerable features that make it almost impossible to break in. Let’s talk about the look of the digital safe first. The safe locker has a two toned wooden panel finish, giving it a simple and elegant look. The safe sports two shelves and a drawer as well.
The safe’s digital lock fingerprint keypad is hidden by a sliding cover on the door panel, that blends in with the two toned finish. The safe stands 27.5 inches tall and weighs around 130kgs, the hefty weight of the safe is a testament on how much re-enforced steel makes up the home safes structure and its robustness. Moreover; the safe is drill proof so, any unwarranted visitors can’t open the safe through drilling holes and the safe comes in with a built in alarm system, that is surely going to alert you in foiled burglary attempt. The door has bolts on all sides, and closes with a 4 way locking bolts system. And lastly the safe is fire resistant for up to 90 minutes in blazing fire. 

Diplomate Dbaum Premium Fire Safe

Diplomate Fireproof SafeDiplomate Fireproof Safe

The Diplomate premium Fire safe is another cherished item in our catalogue, if you’re looking for more space in your home safes, then this safety locker is the best choice for you. The safe is the largest in our catalogue as it stands over 32.4 inches tall with 135kgs weight allowing it to have ample space to cater 3 shelves, a separate drawer for delicate items, and 3 keychain hooks.  Extra drawers can also be added as per customer requirements.

Furthermore, the safe is designed with a walnut luxurious wooden veneer which is heat and smoke resistant, with the fingerprint lock and touchpad lock in the center. The safe is operated by both of these and a handle is used to open/lock the safe.  And lastly this safe has also built in alarm systems. The premium safe is built with commercial grade steel construction, it has passed an impact rating test, which includes a 30 ft. drop and then heating the safe, stimulating a real life fire. The safe moreover, has a fire rating of 90 minutes and safeguards any digital equipment for 60 minutes, such as CD’s, memory sticks, USB drives and hard drives.

Diplomate Istella Premium Fire Safe

Istella Fireproof SafeIstella Fireproof Safe

If you’re looking for something lighter and whiter, we’ve got that for you as well, we bring you the Istella premium home safe, available in two finishes, one with a marble finish and the other one in a motif of twinkling stars. The safe has a hidden touchpad that appears when the “Diplomate” logo is touched. The safe is fire-resistant and has a 90 minute fire rating as well. The inside of the safe has two height adjustable shelves, key hangers on the back, and a light that shines inside for a clearer visual in a dark/ dimly lit setting.

This safe has automatic bolt work that fits in a commercial grade re-enforced steel structure. Additionally, the safe has two alarm systems; a built in alarm system and an optional one, if the safe is tilted at a 45° angle the alarm sounds of at 110dB.

Diplomate beyond Premium Fire Safe

Premium Fireproof SafePremium Fireproof Safe

The Diplomate beyond safe sports a matte black finish all over its body, with a fingerprint scanner and touchpad in the center. The locker safe is available in 3 colors, has automatic bolt work, and like the Istella premium fire safe has all rest of specifications. The safe comes with one shelve and one drawer.

Floor Safe

Floor SafeFloor Safe

A floor safe is one of the safest and sneakiest methods of securing valuables. The floor safe vended at JBSaeed Studio is made out of 100% steel construction, and is lined with a soft material on the inside to protect fragile items and/or prevent wear n tear. Floor safes aren’t fire safe, but since they are enclosed in concrete and fire travels upwards the chances of the safety locker catching fire are slim to none.

Safe inside Portable Security Case

Portable SafePortable Safe

Now you can’t carry a 100 kg safe outside right? But you do want to safely secure your valuables, such as phone, passport, NIC or wallet.

JBSaeed Studio brings you a compact portable security solution that has the ability to secure your handy valuables in the outdoors. With the portable security case tethered to you, you can be tension free of getting mugged silently and the case will also protect your belongings from water as it is water-resistant as well. The case opens up using a code dial, and has a 6” vinyl coated steel wire that is used to tether it to something sturdy.

Digital Key Cabinet Safe (Large)

Key SafeKey Safe


JBSaeed Studio also delivers a viable solution to an office environment or apartment dwellers by offering a key locker that is able to stack up to 71 keys. And safely secures them through a digital combination lock. The locker comes with its appropriate fittings and can be secured through the bottom or the back. The key locker is ideal for motorcycle and car keys.

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