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Why Digital Safes Are Important at Our Homes?

by Ali Kushtiwala 05 Aug 2021 0 comments
Digital Safes

In this era of rising crime rate and the fear of keeping valuable things at home, all of us would want to have a safe solution to this. Ask yourself, can you say that your valuable belongings (cash, jewelry, documents etc.) will be safe at your house while you go off for a vacation? You always need a secured place to keep your belongings and stay care-free, because you deserve it! Digital safes are the solution to all your worries, and with the sudden rise in burglaries and thefts, these safe lockers have become a necessity.

Digital Safes

About Digital Safes:

Digital safes are unconventional lockers and are 100% safe. They prevent thieves, burglars or any unwanted gatecrashers from touching your valuable possessions. These safe locks require you to set a password (3 to 6 digit numeric code) which is basically your key to open and access your digital safe. They are safe lockers which do not require any hassle of carrying keys for access, instead, they are password protected and will only open if the correct password is entered. Often, these digital lockers freeze if wrong passwords are entered repeatedly for 3 to 4 times, to ensure security. A relevant example could be of digital lockers by JB Saeed studio that not only protect your valuable possessions, but also give you peace of mind and help you stay care-free. These digital safes look like a small cabinet or a box and can be called a safe box too. JB Saeed studio also has safes that are specifically designed to keep your precious jewelry.

Digital Safe Lockers

These safes mostly has a numeric keypad attached to it where you enter your password. The keypad where you enter your password is battery operated and when you enter the correct password, the in-built mechanism turns the knob or handle, allowing you to easily open your locker and access your possessions. They can be kept in your bedroom, study room or even in your offices, and do not take up much space either. They are available in different colors and come with various aesthetics to match the color theme of your room so you do not have to worry about you room’s theme being spoilt.

Benefits of Having a Digital Safe:

Digital or electronic safes address a significant step forward from their mechanical safe archetypes. They have numerous benefits which will make it hard for you to resist yourself from getting your hands on these safe lockers.

  • They are extremely convenient: With this safe locker you do not have to worry about carrying your locker keys, nor do you have to stress about losing them. All you need is a 3 to 6 digit password, hence there are no keys to lose. They are easy to access as it only requires your password.

  • Durability: Mostly electronic devices are far more durable than the traditional ones. There is very less wear and tear in this and can even last you a life time. All you might need to do is, replace batteries after sometime.

  • Safe and secure: These digital safes are seen as a safe locker and are said to be fire safe or fire proof and can hold extremely cold and hot temperatures too. When it comes to additional security, electronic safes are the go-to option. These safes come with outstanding features where a user can even set a silent alarm if someone tries to break into it. It freezes after three to four consecutive attempts of wrong passwords. You can even allocate certain hours during which you want the locker to be activated e.g. during office hours only. You also have the freedom to change passwords without any This also ensures more security. JB Saeed studio offers fire resistant or fire proof safes too that operate by a magic touch panel and the fire resistant features make this digital locker safe and extra secure for all your valuables.

Secure Digital Safes

Uses of a digital safe

This safe locker can be used for many purposes. It can be used at your home as a home safe where you can put your cash, important documents or expensive jewelry. It can be used solely as a money safe too where you can put all your money in this safe box without any fear of losing it to thieves or burglars. Interestingly, it can also be used as your gun safe. Many people these days have started owning a gun because of their self-security, given the current circumstances of our country. This electronic safe can be used to put your gun so that it is out of reach from children and can only be used when needed.

Digital Safes

How much do these Digital lockers cost in Pakistan?

Since cost is an essential factor in deciding to buy a certain product, it is important to talk about the cost of these digital lockers in Pakistan. These home safes and electronic lockers come in various sizes and can often be customized according to the buyer’s requirements and needs and so the cost varies depending on the kind of safe you want. Their prices start from approximately 20, 000 and can go up to 70 or 80, 000. On an average, a small digital locker, suitable as a home safe is Rs.30, 000.

JB Saeed studio is one of the very few stores in Pakistan where you can find these safe lockers in a very less price. These safes at JB Saeed studio are not just lower in price, but also, they are made of good quality and are reliable with absolutely no faults or technical issues. Prices of digital safes in JB Saeed studio start from approximately Rs.13,000. Generally, the only con of these digital safes is probably their cost because it is pricey for the general public, but I think it is worth it. A little extra expenditure on digital safes to protect your valuable possessions would not hurt much. In the longer run, it is only beneficial and worth the investment. They have fundamental benefits and by all means they have surpassed the traditional safes or lockers.

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